V E H I C L E R E V E R S I N G A I D S 
Parking made easy! No more guessing what those beeps mean


Poron Micron 5S the ORIGINAL talking car reversing aid

PORON'S automatic reversing system 'TELLS' the driver in a clear voice the distance remaining behind the car as it reverses. As you engage reverse gear you hear a beep from the speaker inside your vehicle to inform you the reversing aid is activated, then as you reverse, it 'TELLS' you the distance between your vehicle and any hazard to the rear.

  • Voice Distance Indicator (VDI)-'' TELLS'' the diver in a clear voice the distance of obstacles whilst backing up.
  • Detection Range from 4 meters (12 feet) to 0.2 meter (10 inches).
  • All weather detectors, water and rust proof.
  • Miniature detectors only 13mm (1/2 inch in diameter offer a ''Factory installed'' look.
  • 8-bit micro-processor programmed with Intelligent Control software.
  • Quick and easy Installation.
  The Poron reversing aids use 'echolocation', a sophisticated sonar system as used by marine, navy and military applications. In each application the sonar is calibrated for the most likely and effective purpose for which it was designed to perform
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